Feeling Fruity…..

Feelin’ fruity this week.

That only means that I am sharing more of my photos……so enjoy! Healthy tidbits included.

If you missed my veggin’ out photos, click here.

Colorful carrots. Sweet and rich in vitamin A. Good for aging skin.

Exotic kiwis. A burst of green. They have more vitamin C than an orange.

Muscadine grapes. I can’t wait for muscadine season. Did you know they are considered America’s first grape? Hard to find anything more juicy and antioxidant packed.

‘Shrooms. There are so many varieties of mushrooms. Did you know they are a good source of selenium which is good for bladder health?

Okra. Also called lady’s fingers. Did you know it grows wild in Ethiopia and along the Nile? It is full of nutrients that help stabilize blood sugar.

Spring peas. Coming soon! They are better for you if eaten raw and they are full of the B vitamins.

Cherry tomatoes. They pop in your mouth. Did you know they are a gift from the Mayans? They are full of anti-oxidants that provide cancer protection.

A heart shaped apple. Fiber goodness. Eat one a day! Keep the doctor away. Check out my easy apple drink recipe.

Corn on the cob. Silky and sweet and supports the healthy bacteria in your gut. Ready for summer?

Now, don’t you just want to go eat tons of fruits and veggies? ?

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