Judy’s recipe of essential ingredients for healthy living

heartsrightheartsleftAfter many years of my own research, my own lifestyle changes, and my studies at IIN, I have created MY list of important steps to achieve well being. I would like to share these simple, yet sustainable, steps so that you too can experiment with what works well for your circumstances and life choices. These are basic.  Clearly if you have other medical issues, those should be attended to first. I would love your feedback and your experience with any of these suggestions.
I will expand on some of these concepts on my blog …..so please sign up!!

heartdot Baby steps. Go slowly, and try something at least 3x before you decide if it is a good change for you. Especially with food, it takes time to recalibrate your palate away from processed food.

heartdot Be kind and gentle with yourself.  Choose the changes you WANT to make first.

heartdot Reduce, to eventually eliminate, processed food.

heartdotReplace with whole foods. These are foods in their natural state, from the earth, no preservatives, unadulterated.

heartdotEat fresh and local when you can.

heartdotEat more veggies. Include as many green veggies as you can.

heartdotEat sweet veggies to crowd out sugar.

heartdotDrink water. If you don’t like water, add a lemon, ginger, or cucumber slice, or other fruit.

heartdotDrink a glass of warm lemon water in the morning. This helps with digestion and alkalinizes your body.

heartdotJust move. Stretch and exercise. Something is better than nothing. Stretch when you wake up in the morning.

heartdotFresh air. We need it and it refuels our lungs and muscles and body.

heartdotBreathe. Belly breathing. Imagine your breath moving from top of your head to your toes. Stop at any point during the day and breathe deeply.

heartdot Green therapy. Get outdoors. Take a walk or a hike. It helps with creativity and can put a new perspective on life.

heartdotSpend time alone. Try meditation or whatever soothes your soul.

heartdotLook up at sky. What a contrast to looking down at phone, computer and Ipad all day!

heartdotCook. It will be more nutritious and fulfilling. Experiment with new recipes. Freeze leftovers.

heartdotGo to a farmer’s market or join a CSA.

heartdotFit out instead of fitting in. Be yourself. Discover yourself.

heartdotSleep. It makes our world much easier to navigate.

heartdotFocus on your relationships. Be present. Make connections. It is rewarding to have love.

heartdotPractice Gratitude. Every night as you close your eyes, think of three things you are grateful for that day. End your day on a positive note.

heartdotLessen negativity. Invite peace and  cheerfulness.

heartdotTake your time with everything. Enjoy life. Relax.

heartdotTurn stumbling stones into stepping stones. Use your challenges as information to grow and learn.

heartdotTune in to your body and listen.

heartdotStretch your thinking. Find new passions and new ideas and new viewpoints.

heartdotUnplug. Give yourself a healthy break from all technology.

heartdotForgive. It is powerful to do so.

heartdotCultivate peace and kindness.

heartdotBe mindful.