Kind Words

Kind Words from my clients: 

I booked a series of appointments with Judy after my 15-year-old daughter was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. Due to various emotional stressors over the last few years, she had gotten really out of touch with healthy eating habits and her own sense of appetite and was in a narrow rut regarding food choices.
What an excellent decision it was, to engage Judy as her health coach! Over the course of a few months, in the most gentle way, Judy helped my daughter back to a natural balance where she could once again be in touch with her appetite and attitudes about food and eating. By the end of the coaching sessions, my daughter was feeling much more balanced, eating a much greater variety of healthy foods, and her blood sugar levels were back in the normal range.
Judy’s approach is nonjudgmental, positive, nurturing and holistic, leading her clients through small and easily manageable steps towards recognizing what it is to feel and be healthy on all levels. She provided notes of all discussion points after each meeting, generously peppered with words of encouragement, which we can keep for future reference.
Having Judy as a health coach was a great experience (I, as mom, also attended the sessions). She is a gifted guide, and what greater gift for the client than to be led so gently back to her/his own equilibrium. THANK YOU, JUDY, from the heart –

I began my sessions with Judy last year when I was diagnosed with pre diabetes and anemia. My palate at the time was extremely stunted and did not include very many (if any) healthy options. I was stumped and frustrated; every mealtime was an ordeal. I knew something needed to change, but I didn’t know how or where to begin.
Judy gave me the boost I needed. She stayed positive and never failed to praise even my smallest accomplishments. She supplied me with countless resources to refer back to if I needed information or recipes.
​I never liked to try new foods or cook even before I became pre diabetic. Judy showed me that the kitchen wasn’t as intimidating as I had always made it out to be and that there was no reason why trying new foods should be anything short of exciting.
​I was in a rut before I started these sessions, but I’m proud to say that, in only a few short months with Judy, I have set myself on the road to recovery with anemia and my pre diabetes is a thing of the past. I now feel better than I have in years.
Thank you so, so much Judy!

Thanks so much for the double dose of smoothie at the Market a few weeks ago. Your wonderful ingredients and energy are goodness through and through.Thanks a zillion, Judy, for all your wellness words! You are such a bright spot in my life. Thanks for being you.
ps: you do not need to go barefoot in dirt. You possess a resilient energy that radiates in all you do. You are quite complete just the way you are.                                                                                ~Sue Harper

“Let’s Carry On” was wonderful. I love your blog. Makes me stop in my tracks and think and breathe. Thanks for all you are doing. ~Jane Saiers

I have just finished up my sessions with Judy as my Wellness Coach. She was very professional, warm, nonjudgmental and informative. She was very flexible and willing to work with my crazy schedule. Every session provided the peaceful calm that I needed. I learned a lot about health tips. She was always very well prepared and built off of the previous session. I would highly recommend Judy to anyone that is open and wants to make healthy lifestyle changes.

Thanks, Judy, for all of your support and understanding. I have so enjoyed working with you on how to get myself in the best health possible prior to surgery.  You’ve been a breath of fresh air and I appreciate not only the great tips and information, but just for being such a great calming force in my life.  Means more to me than you will know.
I feel I am taking a lot of good information that I’ve gotten from you into the days preceding my surgery.  Thank  you for everything, and I will definitely let you know how surgery goes.  I look forward to picking up where we left off in 2015! ~ Kelley Ryan

Judy’s intuition never ceases to amaze me. She listens with the eyes of her heart and soul, connecting to what I am truly experiencing in a way that lets me feel audible, visible and validated. She is someone I can ramble on and on to and who manages to extract the important thoughts, delicately picking thru the rest and creating a safe space for me to share whatever comes to mind. I always end our sessions feeling empowered, enriched with a renewed sense of focus, despite having entered into our session feeling scattered all over the place. I truly have the sense that she connects with and cares for me beyond the confines of counselor/coach; she sees me as a person, neither above nor below her, even encouraging by insisting that there are times it is she who is learning from me! I love Judy’s honesty, unique style and the fact that I never feel judged or rushed in any way. Our sessions are something to look forward to and I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such a competent, empathetic coach!
~Jan Lemoine

Judy and I are colleagues at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. The first time I ever spoke with Judy was when we exchanged health histories for peer review and support.  I immediately felt a connection to Judy.  Her manner was easy, non threatening and supporting especially when asking some of the more direct questions about lifestyle and relationships. I look forward to reconnecting with her.
~Barbara Tsipouras

Judy Brown is a fountain of knowledge! She helped me transform my eating habits and taught me so many ways to curb cravings and begin living a healthy lifestyle! She’s a joy to work with and full of fabulous recipes!                                                                      
~Kaleigh Malloy