Shine the Light!

Light at the end of the tunnel….

Shine a light on me……

Your inner light……..

The light which shines from within……

You are the light of my life…….

Be a light……..

Within you is the light of a thousand suns……

Dance in to the light……..

Blinded by the light……

Where there is light there is hope……

No doubt, 2020 has been a challenging and different year for all. How do we move forward and dispel some of the darkness of the pandemic?

The image of light has always fascinated me. There is the physical presence of light, like the sun shining through a wintry landscape; there is the image of being a light to a person or place. We all know someone whose soul is full of light.

Light connotes positivity. This coming year, I propose that we dig deep to find out what lights us up!

What brings you peace? What inspires you? What do you dream about?
How are you creative with your time? What lifts you up?

Even in our deepest despair, a speck of light can peek through.

Make a list. For me…..

?Good conversation at the dinner table with family and friends brings a smile to my face. Now, this scenario is often on zoom.
?An afternoon of cards and games brings me joy. Now, it is playing bridge with family in my bubble.
?Turning on classical music as I cook energizes me.
?Good dancing music lights me up.
?Outdoor time hiking on my favorite trail often ignites my creativity.
?My photography and artwork fulfill me.
?Great conversation on health and wellness jazzes me up.
?Planning (now dreaming about) travel and places to explore really excites me.
?Inspiring reading always renews me.
?Good wholesome comedy distracts and heals. Laughter is truly medicine.
?Gestures and gifts of time to lift someone up always lights me up.

The ongoing pandemic is not necessarily a light filled time. However, all things bring opportunities if we remain open. Although imposed, we now have an opportunity to be reflective. How can we light up our own world and the world of those around us?

As we continue with limited interaction, maybe we can take the time to rekindle our inner light. Maybe we can take the time to reach out and bring light to others in safe ways. Shining some light might dispel some of the darkness.

So bring on 2021! Let’s put the old year behind us and welcome the new.
Step out and fill yourself up with a little sunshine ……….and with renewed hopes and dreams and light filled joy!

Happy New Year!

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