Make love grow.

Just like a plant, love can grow.

Let’s make it so!

This Valentine’s Day….

❤️send an anonymous valentine to someone who needs a little lift.

❤️make peace with someone and break the ice….send a sweet note.

❤️give your loved ones extra big bear hugs!

❤️take your furry loved ones for an extra long walk with extra treats.

❤️bring groceries to someone who is homebound.

❤️smile all day long. It could warm your heart too.

❤️send tons of cards to friends and family and those that are alone.

❤️give your co-workers some dark chocolate and a big smile.

❤️let your boss off the hook just for today! 😉

❤️feed the birds.

❤️pick some herbs and give them to your neighbor. For my city folk……gift your neighbors a box of herbal tea.

❤️the best gift of all is the gift of attention. Give lots and lots of it.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you! ❤️

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