Beeting For You!

Red is for beets, and strawberries, and roses, and…..

Red is for valentines. Will you be mine?

Did you know that color affects mood? It influences our lives more than you think.

Red is the color of physical energy, vitality, spontaneity, stamina, grounding, stability, and yes…..passion.

Red is vibrant and full of life!

In honor of you and Valentine’s Day, I am going to infuse my post with the red (and pink and fuschia and…).

I hope it inspires spontaneous and invigorating thoughts of joy, love, and kindness.

Why not be a force of love. Share some loving kindness with friends, family, furry ones, the lonely person sitting on the bench, the house bound neighbor, or a passerby on the street. Valentines Day isn’t just for lovers.

How about putting away all phones and screens and being (really) present with your loved ones? That is the best gift of all.

I challenge you ……with love!

My heart is beeting for you….

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