Stuffed up……

It’s February tomorrow. Are you in a winter slump, tired of being stuck inside, and feeling all stuffed up?

I am with you.

Below are a few suggestions to ease that February funk. Be sure to check my previous posts (Sniffles, Radishes, Recipe, Immune Boosting) on winter wellness. Combined, they are a power house!

?Use the wintertime to sleep. You know….like a bear…… or a cat. I know you need to go to work and/or take care of the kids, but sleep more. A body well rested can fight better. Make it a priority. Don’t feel guilty or like a lazy bum. You are prioritizing your health. That is admirable. No alarm clock on your days off. Schedule less over the weekend. Take your social life down a notch. Find good books to read. Bundle up and get cozy. It is up to you.

☀️If you are always feeling stuffed up and your sinuses are a mess, try a DIY sinus steam bath. It is easy. Do it daily. Get a bowl and put boiling water in it. Add a drop or two of eucalyptus oil (my favorite brand is DoTerra, but if you are in a pinch….. and because this is not to be taken internally, any good brand will do). If you do not have any essential oils you can put a spoonful of Vicks vaporub in the water. Place your face over the bowl and drape your head with a towel to take in the vapors. Be careful, of course. Come out for a breath once in awhile. Do it for at least a few minutes.

?We all need a nutrient/mineral/vitamin boost this time of year. Did you know that kiwis are loaded with vitamin C? Eat them up. This is a natural way to fortify your immune system. Eat a whole one plain, or chop and add to salads, salsa, oatmeal, or smoothies. They are so green and exotic…….

Another nutrient/mineral we often fall short on is zinc. Did you know that pumpkin seeds pack a zinc punch? Loading up on these crunchy seeds can really cut the duration of a cold and even help prevent one altogether. Eat them regularly. Munch on them roasted, put them on salads, add as a garnish to soups and stews and chili, or blend them to make a dip.

?Are you feeling the walls close in on you? Got the winter blues? Plan out your summer. It will lift your spirits. It is right around the corner, afterall. Dreaming of the summer sun is a nice distraction, and it may motivate you to stay well! Have fun imagining warm places and the green outdoors. Summer garden? Summer projects?

Gaze at the sparkle on the snowlflakes and know that the springtime sun will soon melt it away……..guaranteed.

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