Easy Peasy Apple Recipe!

imageBring on the apples! They have arrived and they get me all pumped for fall.

In my opinion, autumn tastes like a Mcintosh apple.

My friend, Pam, recently came back from the mountains and shared the simplest and tastiest apple recipe.

She visited a farm stand and the farmer had blended apples in a blender and offered the healthy drink to his customers.

imageJust take some apples and whip them up in a blender. Yup! That’s it. Skins and all.

Core them and remove the seeds first. I add some water to thin it out a bit. Spices? Try some cinnamon and/or nutmeg. No sweetener needed.

While not all apples are created equal, I do believe they are all created delicious and nutritious. Experiment with all the many varieties of apples, tart or sweet. Organic is ideal. image

I just discovered a variety that is becoming a new favorite, the Ginger Gold apple. Yum! It is green and soft and a just a bit tart, with a spicy flare.

What is your most favorite apple?

You may ask why not just eat an apple? 

Very true. This is just a twist on apple goodness.

imageThe apple smoothie makes a great afternoon pick me up or an early morning breakfast drink. How about a fun new drink for a fall party? It makes a perfect after school treat for kids and grandkids.

And I do believe in the old adage that an apple a day keeps the doctor away! Others agree. Click here!


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Easy Peasy Apple Recipe! — 2 Comments

  1. I had NO idea you could make a smoothie by putting a WHOLE apple in a blender. Will definitely try. This could be life-changing (seriously-it’s so easy). My favorite apple goes back to my childhood-stayman-winesap. We got them at a farm stand in Baltimore County.

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