Please wake me up!

Good morning!
How do you want your day to be?

When we wake up, our first thoughts often dictate how the rest of our day will unfold. Many of us go straight to the news, our phones, our work worries. I am guilty.

When we do this, we have downloaded the world to our psyches. Not always a healthy idea. And needless to say, we are living in anxious times now.

Instead, why not give yourself the gift of 10 or more minutes to set a peaceful and centered tone to your day? It is easy …..if we are intentional.

Just like I take time to brush my teeth, wash my face, and eat a healthy breakfast, I devote 10-15 minutes to enter the conscious world with positivity.

By meditating, or simply sitting and focusing on a pleasing image (out the window, a painting, your cat, a plain wall) we become still and centered. Add simple self talk like affirmations, hopes for the day, or wishes for a creative and productive few hours.

In this ever expanding world of technology there are so many good tools to guide us.

Try this one:

The messages from this one of a kind podcast are both inspiring and soothing. I find myself looking forward to chiming in to the thoughtful guidance. The narrator inevitably moves my mind to a positive framework. The podcast gets me out of a morning rut. It motivates me. I am then ready to go. You can’t beat that! With a simple click you can start your day off in a good way.

(Full disclaimer… son developed this podcast. I know I am biased but it is wonderful and effective and did I say…..a really healthy way to start your day?!?)

I hope your morning can begin peacefully and with positive intentions. It has a ripple effect!

Try waking yourself up with a new routine and get a little help from Wake Me Up!

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