How do you want to feel?

I can help you sort out your answer to that question.

Speaking for myself and I suspect many of you, I like to feel balanced, energetic and well nourished. Some may want to feel vibrant or……less bloated!

How we want to feel is a useful guideline when setting goals.

What you put in your body affects how you feel. How you move around and how you use your time affects how you feel.

I would like to announce that my health coaching doors are open!

I have several available spots for new clients. I would love to join you on your health journey.

Please read this post for a good, however whimsical, description of my coaching.

I am really happy to report that within the last year and a half I have helped several clients completely remove a pre-diabetes diagnosis from their health records. This is no small feat but it is very possible.

Maybe 2018 can be the year you decide to take your health in to your own hands and feel your best!

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💚Would you like to design a new and healthy lifestyle? Let me help. Contact me for health and wellness coaching. We can work together in person or over the phone.💚


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