Lily and Her Health Coach


Meet Lily. She is seeing a health coach.

Lily is 55 and wants to loose several pounds. Her body has changed and she feels sluggish. Lily knows very well she is not eating in a healthy way. She wants more energy. She is searching for balance and well-being for the next portion of her life. Her kids have flown the coop. She now has more time to focus on herself. But Lily feels a bit lost and confused. She is spinning her wheels and wants to get unstuck.

Where does she start?

Lily met a health coach and they began working together. They meet twice a month.

This is how her health coach will help her:

🌼Together they will make a list of personalized health and lifestyle goals, both short and long term. One of Lily’s goals is to stop eating cookies at 4 pm everyday for an energy boost.

🌼They will strategize ways to implement these new goals in a slow and sustainable way. Small changes will add up over time.

🌼They will discuss how to overcome challenges. Stumbling blocks become stepping stones. Lily likes being accountable to someone. She has her very own ally now.

🌼Lily’s health coach is a compassionate listener and keeps her focused on her goals. Setbacks will be used as helpful information. No quick fixes. Lily is sleeping better already.

🌼They will sift through contradictory messages in the health and wellness world. Lily wants to know what eating clean means. Her health coach will encourage her to do just that.

🌼The health coach will provide new recipes and meal preparation ideas, along with many other useful handouts. She even taught Lily how to make a delicious and nutritious smoothie! Greens? She had no idea how to get them in her diet.

🌼New ideas and tools for lifestyle adjustments will be explored. Balance is not just about food. Exercise and movement, sleep, work, relationships, and what fulfills you on every level, need to be considered.Together, they continue to design a healthy lifestyle, just for Lily.

🌼Her health coach will walk beside her every step of the way. New paths and new directions. Lily is even practicing on her breathing. It helps calm the mind-racing.

🌼They will celebrate progress together and keep moving forward. Lily is taking charge of her own well-being and that feels empowering. She is sensing a return to vitality!


You don’t have to have the name Lily (it is one of my favorite names) or be 55. Your struggles and challenges can be very different. Each health plan is personalized and unique to you.

I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach. I would love to be your partner in health! Contact me through my website and we can begin a new journey to wellness, together. I offer a complimentary 20 minute session to get acquainted.


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