Witches’ Breath!


Do you want to know how to really scare the witches and goblins and ghosts and bats and all things green and ghoulish?


Many of you know that my children call me an herb nerd. I accept the nickname proudly. We often banter back and forth on all topics health and herb like…


Many years ago, on one such occasion, I asked my daughter if she could tell me the virtues of garlic.

She quickly retorted, “Well, of course I can! Raw garlic can 1) scare away witches (and non witches) 2) force you to drink a glass of water to soothe the burn in your mouth 3) kill germs and bacteria in your mouth and body.”


The second half of the question had to do with soda. She said “Sodas give you a cheap and short lived energy boost, brown your teeth, stink up your breath, put lots of artificial junk in your body, and add unnecessary pounds.”


I was so very pleased with her answers!

So, which one will you choose to scare the gremlins away?

Brewing and stewing and chewing garlic…indeed a recipe for witches and health.

Happy Halloween!

img_6847Check out my previous post on garlic and all its healthy benefits.

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P.S. Credit goes to Martin who took that fabulous full moon of September photo in Prague.


Witches’ Breath! — 4 Comments

  1. Roasted garlic spread on small sourdough toasts–a yummy first course at a family birthday supper celebration at Printworks in Greensboro. I am feeling pretty perky this morning after a late night, so bring on the garlic!

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