Falling Isn’t Always Bad….


Falling isn’t always bad.

I can’t decide which is my favorite season. They all have their redeeming qualities.

Ha! Perhaps that is the point. And perhaps the key is not to play favorites but to embrace what each one offers us.


Gently floating and sweeping down from the treetops, the leaves fall gracefully.

Following the slow movement with my eyes…..

Golden leaves, golden sky, and perhaps golden thoughts.


This is our prompt to gather what the season has to offer as we move in to the quiet of winter.

Falling often requires a bandaid, but falling in to autumn can often precipitate a sigh of relief.

Fall offers new colors, new sounds, and a new pace.

It is a shedding of worn ideas and a chance to fall within.


It is the slowing down from the rush of summer.

Susan Weed, the renowned herbalist says this of autumn……Time to fall on the earth with joy; time to fall all over ourselves with thanksgiving; time to fall back on the support of the plants; time to fall over with love; time to fall through the space of fundamental consciousness. Fall!

Absorb the beauty of the season.

Now is the last hurrah of fiery colors before the stunning starkness of winter.

Autumn can renew and restore just in time for deepening within.


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Falling Isn’t Always Bad…. — 10 Comments

  1. Lovely! Poetic!
    I’ve always been a huge proponent of the 4 seasons. However I am finding winters harder and fear falling on ice. Can’t believe I’m admitting that. We’ve just had a few days of a heat wave– and now am very ready for fall weather.

    • Thanks, Lisa. Yes, winter is my least favorite and I try to find ways to embrace. There are many for sure. The ice is tricky and I too, have a new found fear! We need to be careful but not let it stop us. ?

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