I haven’t had an obsession in a long time.

Are all obsessions bad?

I was recently in NYC for a family visit and we went to the Winter Garden Theatre to see the musical School of Rock.

I have seen it twice now, within 4 months. I am officially obsessed.

I purchased the CD so I can have the music with me all the time. I have two autographed playbills. Thanks to my daughter and her friend who is assistant stage manager, I have met the lead actor imagetwice (see photo below…for just a little proof).

The songs stay in my head and make my heart beat. Is that bad?

My husband thinks it brought out the inner rock star in me. He is usually right.

When is the last time you sang out loud in your car?

When is the last time you suspended disbelief?

When did you last lose track of time?image

When is the last time you grinned from ear to ear?

Have you tapped in to your inner teenager lately?

When will you allow your heart to sing?

I don’t need therapy for my new obsession. I see it as a gift of healthy passion.

This summer, I urge you to search out a play, movie, good book, game, fun concert, or any activity that makes you step outside yourself.

Plan an outing that brings you complete jubilation.image

It is a healthy thing to do.

And it goes without saying, you really should go see this play. You’ll understand my obsession.

Oh….did I mention it has been nominated for four Tony awards?

Not that I needed further justification for my obsession…..

Now, when can I go to New York City again…..


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Obsession — 6 Comments

  1. I’m ready! When can we go? I would love to see the play and visit NYC again. It is good to have something excite you like this play has done. Keeps your blood pumping!

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