This is what I say!

imageIt is the season of festive eating. Mashed potatoes, homemade rolls and butter, artichoke dip, pumpkin pie…..

And I say…..enjoy it!

Life is to celebrate. Traditions are to share. Dining with friends and family is a gift.

To balance the good eating at gatherings and parties, I suggest you eat super healthy the rest of the week. Make an extra effort. Eat more veggies, eat whole grains, eat fruits, have vegetable soup.


Then, when the invite arrives, you can feel good about your rsvp.

Another tool in my box, is the two bite rule. Have only a few bites of those tempting desserts or extra rich dips. No need for a whole plateful. Have fun sampling the array of dishes.

Wondering why I included a photo of a piglet? Simply because he is adorable and because he has a robust message for the season!

Now, back to my vegetarian meals! In keeping with my promise to offer vegetarian suggestions, see my previous post, I Am Not a Vegetarian…..

This meal was so simple. I steamed some broccoli, made Farro with onions and garlic and vegetable stock, simmered some frozen corn from the summer, and warmed up my leftover bean and apple casserole. Check out my bean recipe from a previous post.


Broccoli is back in season and is chock full of healthy nutrients. Instead of steaming the broccoli, try roasting it. Replace the Farro with your favorite grain. The bean casserole can supplement multiple meals and is very filling. If you need something even quicker, add some salsa to your favorite can of black beans. Beans are a good source of protein and fiber.

One other mindful eating tidbit…. eat slowly and stop when you feel the slightest sense of fullness.There are always leftovers and feeling stuffed….well, it can be miserable!

Share a meal and enjoy the bounty!


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