I Am Not a Vegetarian….

imageI am not a vegetarian, but these days I am eating less meat.

It took me awhile to make this transition and I am happy I did. I feel healthier and more energetic.

The transition was slow because I had difficulty coming up with filling, yet tasty plant based meals. I needed more variety.

Everyone should decide for themselves what dietary style they prefer. We all have different health concerns and dietary needs. Bio-individuality is key.

Regardless, most health advocates agree that eating more plant centric meals can be a healthier choice.

For the next few weeks I will provide you with suggestions for creating wholesome and delicious meals that are plant based. I will share what’s cookin’ in my kitchen!

  1. Start with your favorite pasta or grain. Have you tried gluten free quinoa pasta? I was surprised at how tasty it is. My new favorite grain is Farro. Quick and chewy greatness!image


2. Sauté, in EVOO, a small onion, small cauliflower florets, a handful of chopped greens (swiss chard, bok choy, kale, spinach, beet greens, or other favorite) and lots and lots of minced garlic. Really, any veggies will work…..whatever you have. Stir in some sunflower seeds, pine nuts, or peppitas (small pumpkin seeds). S and P as desired.

3. To the pasta or grain on your plate, spoon on your favorite pasta sauce and the sautéed veggies. Add some feta cheese on top.


Make a salad and you have a meal that is filling and nutritious. Change the veggies for variety. Make your own sauce, buy your favorite sauce in a jar, or simply, no sauce at all!

Dessert …..if you must! Cut up fresh fruit in season and add a dollop of fresh or Greek yogurt and some nuts. Tonight, bananas. Dark chocolate chips?!

Time to eat!image

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I Am Not a Vegetarian…. — 8 Comments

    • Yes, I feel the same way and over the last few years we have slowly reduced with no great effort.
      For me, part of the issue was coming up with filling and tasty meals without the meat. Any little step in that direction counts!

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