A Toast to You And a Giveaway!

bookcover copyMay is a month of celebrations and toasts. Our calendars fill up with weddings, graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, and always, Mother’s Day.

Bringing family and friends together at the table, to celebrate holidays and special occasions, brings richness and fullness to our lives, laughter and joy to our souls.

So often we get focused on the future and forget to relish the present. Life offers so much to celebrate.

In honor of this busy month of gatherings, I would like to give away two copies of Toasts, a book I joyfully contributed to.

This collection, of over 30 categories of toasts, offers inspirational, humorous, and touching words for many occasions. The book includes blessings for our sweet pets, farewell toasts to those retiring and those setting off on new adventures, welcoming prose for new neighbors, and much more.

Toasts can be a lifelong reference book, a fun gift for newlyweds, a housewarming gift, or a table top treasure.

For a chance to win a book please enter a comment by May 25!

Cheers to you, my readers!
May you never stumble for words
and may your tidings impart sincere and undeniable delight!

A link to the book on Amazon

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