2019…saving you and me, a tree, and a bee….

Happy New Year!

While we all may have different opinions on climate change, one thing is for sure…we all participate in the health of our planet.

We are losing rain forests, animal species, monarch butterflies, bees, icebergs, and the list continues to grow. Giraffes are now on the endangered species list.

This new year I am going to focus on what little things I can do for the good health of our planet ……in my little corner of the world.

I enjoy the woods to feel restored, both physically and emotionally. I feel personally responsible for keeping it available for myself and everyone else.

Don’t we all love the beach, the mountains, rivers, gardens, and the blue sky?

 I plan to take these four steps this year. Many of us are already doing these things. But continuing to improve on them is important too. 

1. Do a house check. Remove toxic cleaning products?check household emission issues?reduce or eliminate plastic products or at least harmful ones?continue my composting?reduce wasteful energy usage?recycle ……and recycle more.

2. Do an outdoor check. No pesticides or herbicides or harmful fertilizers?continue my composting ?plant more flowers and shrubs for birds and butterflies and bees. 

3. The world beyond my corner. Pick up litter when I see it on trails?carpool?stay informed on local and global environmental issues?be aware of and reduce my carbon footprint?always advocate for organic and local farmers and farmers markets. 

4. Choose a cause. I have been donating to the World Wildlife Fund since my twenties. I care about the animals of the world. ?This year I will add to my efforts after exploring local possibilities.

? As far as the bees go…I love my honey. I can’t imagine a world without bees or honey. I am proud to say that my garden has many bee friendly plants and shrubs. This will always be a priority for me.?

?Additionally, I always advocate for organic. Not only does it support your health, but it also allows for healthier soil and planet. When you choose organic, you are allowing farmers to continue with their safe and healthy farming practices. It benefits everyone. Including butterflies and bees and birds. ?

These are my intentions.

Join me. Start now!

We are all part of the problem. But….we are also all part of the solution.

Our planet is beautiful and mother nature is resilient. Let’s take these small steps to help her out.

Peace to you this new year!

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