Litter! I love leaf litter.

Even better with a few late blooming rose petals mixed in….

Fall finally arrived here in the North Carolina piedmont and I am taking it all in.

It is such a short season. What a good reminder that life is not stagnant and that being in the moment can bring us peace.

If only we take the time……

Leaves are everywhere, carpeting the forest floor and the driveway.  Leaf litter does not bother me. We wait as long as we can before we get the rakes out.

I hope you can take in all the orange and red and yellow. Enjoy the outdoors and raking the leaves. Beauty, fresh air, and exercise all in one.

It sure beats indoor vacuuming….

Nature can litter all it wants!

Oh…and did you know:

The color orange is the combination of the energetic color red and the happy color yellow. A winning blend! Orange represents sunshine, joy, fascination, happiness, creativity, stimulation, and encouragement. Wishing all of these for you!

Enjoy the leaf litter and happy raking.

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