Rest your brain……

Please don’t misunderstand me…..I don’t mean to rush things along……..but…..

It is still August and I have sudenly felt a shift in the weather and the gentle move to a new season.

These shifts are so subtle.

One noticeable difference is that I feel a need for more sleep. I am more tired.

I resist it. Until, I realize that my body is telling me something. I need the rest. Don’t fight it!

Do you listen to your body? Does your body give you signals?

It is good to tune in. Especially with the approach of a new season.

Seasonal changes require different things from our bodies. Being more tired might not mean you are getting sick, but just that shorter days mean you need more rest.

I am even starting to crave apples! A sure sign.

We might resist giving in to urges, requests, or even friends…..but I say give in to sleep!

Get cozy. Make your sleeping space fun and enticing.

(FYI…..this is not my bed but a bed at our hotel in Vienna. I just loved how simple it was. Chocolates anyone?)

How about using the end of summer to create a sleep sanctuary?

Reduce clutter. Add candles or fluffy pillows. Go for comfort.

Rest your brain and your muscles and your joints.

Our brains are definitely overtaxed.

Sleep is good. Rest is critical.

Enjoy the rest of summer and the subtle changes ahead!


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Rest your brain…… — 4 Comments

  1. Judy, we have no probs catching an afternoon nap and then giving in to 9 more hours at night. Love it! Healthy too😍

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