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imageDo you need a new recipe for the holidays? Something colorful?

I created this recipe a few weeks ago for a potluck. After evaluating my available ingredients, it all came together. I wanted something vegetarian, seasonal, and easy.

Judy’s Winter Smash 

image1 large sweet potato                                                                           1 medium acorn squash                                                                                  1 medium butternut squash                                 2 medium Granny Smith apples, peeled                                                                   1 large onion, chopped                                                                                 2 cloves of garlic, minced                                                                3-4 Tbsp of butter                                                                            S and P

Directions: Bake the sweet potato. Slice both squashes in half and place cut side face down on a cookie sheet lined with foil or greased with EVOO. Roast alongside the sweet potato at 375* oven until fork tender. In the meantime, core and chop the apples and sauté with the onion in 2 tbsp of butter until soft. Add the minced garlic and sauté for another minute. Remove from heat. When the squashes are done, remove the seeds and discard. Scoop out the squash and add to the pot. Peel the sweet potato and add to the pot. Add 2-3 more tbsp of butter and cook until melted. Turn off the heat and blend with an immersion blender or mixer. I like the mixture a little chunky. Add salt and pepper as desired.  Serve in a bowl and garnish with parsley if desired. Spice it up some more by adding curry!

Serves 4-6. Double the quantities for bigger or more servings.


This dish is sweet with a bit of tanginess from the apples, and a bit of a bite from the onion and garlic. Did I also mention that this smash is super healthy?

Happy cooking! Hope your holidays meals are festive and delicious!


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    • Let me know what you think, Lisa! Parsnips would be a good addition. I think what makes this dish are the apples. This recipe can also be a soup. Just add broth! Love soup season!

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