Consider This….


Consider this…

I am small and you are very tall. We might require different dosages of our medications or herbal remedies.

He works outside all day and his friend sits at a desk. They will have different water intake requirements.

She has fair skin and freckles, and her friend has darker skin tones. They will have different skin care regimes.

You could live in Canada and your relative might live in Florida. imageYour winter season dietary requirements are dissimilar.

He has chronic lower back pain and his friend is a body builder. Their exercise routines should be different.


Baby is 8 months old and grandma is 82. Ha! Their sleep needs may be very similar.

You have a friend that is a writer, and another that works on Wall Street. What do each of them like to do after a long workday?

There really is no one size fits all for most things in life. Yet, that is how we market most things in our world.

imageSo consider bio-individuality for everything. Be your own advocate, be discerning, and make healthy choices that suit you and your lifestyle.



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Consider This…. — 6 Comments

    • The best definition is that there is no one size fits all. We all have unique requirements and traits and individual needs. This includes everything from metabolism to emotional make up. I hope the examples outlined this important point. We tend to forget that as much as humans are alike, we differ in minute ways!

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