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Distractions are so distracting. Please excuse my redundancy.

Maybe what I really mean to say is distractions can be so bothersome.

The distractor factor seems to be multiplying exponentially. Sift, sort, ignore, jettison. These are increasingly valuable skills in our world. It is not just for laundry and paperwork anymore.

Distractions can be useful, there is no doubt. Incessant worrying, keeping your child away from the cookie jar, feeling under the weather. Thank heavens for valuable diversions.

The other day, for a multitude of reasons, I was plum worn out. I had a long list and the day was flying by and nothing seemed to be going as planned. Distractions were taking a toll on me and my plans. I needed a moment to regroup.

I stepped outside, sat down, and just looked up.

The sky was spectacularly blue with random, white, puffy clouds.


I didn’t even need to tell my body to breathe deeply. It was an automatic response.

Remember as a child practicing the art of reverie?

Reverie, spacing out, day dreaming. Whatever you want to call it.

I challenge you to put down whatever you are holding or doing, look up, and delight in the expanse of the sky. Find a little piece of art in the clouds.

Space out, guilt free, for a few moments.


(See my Judyscrips #15 – )

I wish for you to make the most of your summer, and to find lots of room for day dreaming and reverie!



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  1. I did exactly that! Went out and looked up at the sky, sat down and enjoyed the plants I had just planted.

  2. Thanks for the much-needed confirmation that we need to stop and smell the proverbial roses! With the ability to be “productive” surrounding us (technology and its temptations are everywhere!), we often forget to JUST LOOK UP and enjoy nature, moments, peace.

    It seems that, often, when we do just that, we wrestle with feelings of guilt. It’s nice to be urged to rest.

    I choose to interpret your post as this: Permission granted.

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