Summer Harvest Soups


Here in North Carolina our summer harvest is in full swing. The markets are bursting with color, texture, and variety.

The plentiful array of vegetables always inspires me to make a summertime soup.

This week I made a pot full with lots of carrots, onions, green beans, small white potatoes, corn (off the cob), zucchini, shredded cabbage, and green pepper. I always add a ton of garlic and fresh basil. I like to throw in some red wine, my favorite beet ketchup (from the Beet Lady), and lots and lots of spices. Several dashes of turmeric add health benefits galore, and a rich color. If time permits, try roasting and adding fresh tomatoes. If not, store bought crushed organic tomatoes will deepen the flavor as well.

I frequently add a bit quinoa for more protein. It also thickens the soup.image

Now you may think this is a little odd….but sometimes I add blueberries to my soup! Yes, for real. They cook and pop and add a touch of sweetness and richness to the soup. I dare you to try it!

Inevitably, I make way too much for the two of us. I don’t mind. Freezing soup for a ready made meal is a great timesaver.

Some may say it is too hot to eat soup in the summer. I enjoy it at a lukewarm temperature and find it is a hearty meal no matter the season.

imageWe have a local business that offers subscriptions to purchase weekly homemade seasonal soups. Salads and breads are also available as an add-on. They are called Short Winter Soups. Click here to check them out. How innovative! I look forward to my Tuesday pick up every week. They make incredibly creative, often complex, and sumptuous soups.

Check out my recipe for a vegetable cream (dairy free) soup!

May this inspire you to use your bountiful harvest to create a summertime soup. Empty out your fridge and get your chopping block out. Have some fun with your soupy creation! image

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