Simply and passionately and eagerly!

I spontaneously give thanks for you today. 
I simply give thanks for the bluest of skies. 
I urgently give thanks for breathing fresh air. 
I happily give thanks for the meal before me.
I proudly give thanks for my project completed. 
I gently give thanks for friends who support me. 
I lovingly give thanks for my dear children. 
I quietly give thanks for my stolen moments. 
I apologetically give thanks for your forgiveness. 
I hysterically give thanks for our uninterrupted laughter. 
I carefully give thanks for the challenges before me. 
I excitedly give thanks for the rose that blooms. 
I eagerly give thanks for sunshine and warmth. 
I humbly give thanks to the hawk that soars.
I passionately give thanks today and everyday. 
I spontaneously give thanks for you today. 

My very best Thanksgiving wishes to my readers and their friends and families!

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