Refrigerator art and an ode to spring….

How do you feel about refrigerator art?

I am almost embarrassed to show you my fridge. You can hardly tell what color it is.

But I love it! Photos, magnets, my children’s artwork, sweet notes, jokes, and a big calendar decorate every inch of my refrigerator.

It is a scrapbook!

Yesterday, I was searching for the phone number for our car repair person (also on my fridge) and this sweet poem my son did for an assignment in first grade caught my eye for the hundredth time. It brought a smile to my face and warmed my heart.

Spring cleaning will not include my well adorned refrigerator!

Happy spring to you! May flowers and sunshine and butterflies brighten your world.

Goodbye to winter and hello to green!

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Refrigerator art and an ode to spring…. — 4 Comments

  1. I love putting things on my fridge. I freshen it up some. My grandson came to visit and he’s on to me. He saw I had two pieces of his artwork on the fridge. The others had been sweetly recycled. He said, “Grammie, where is the rest of my art.” I didn’t have the heart to tell the truth.

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