April’s Abundance – Try Something Purple!

violetsPurple, sweet, and edible. Wild purple violets, now in season.

Just walk outside and you will find edible, spring abundance.

The common wild violet delights the senses, grows in many beautiful colors, and is full of healthy benefits.

The leaves and flowers are packed with minerals and vitamins, in particular, vitamin A and C. The wild violet is a gentle blood purifier, stimulates the lymphatic glands to rid the body of bacteria and toxins, and supports the immune system. It can also help with stubborn skin problems and sinus infections.

After a long winter, eating delicate, wild violet blossoms is a simple way to get our bodies ready for a more energetic spring.

violetstrip copyIndulging in violets is as easy as adding them to your salads or just picking a few and munching away.

Try garnishing your next birthday cake or dessert with fresh picked violet blossoms.

Feeling festive and fun? Freeze the blossoms in water, in ice cube trays, and add to your drink.

Feeling ambitious? Try making candied violets.

Feeling free spirited? Make a garland to wear around your head. The ancient Greeks believed
violets moderated anger, strengthened the heart, and promoted restful sleep. Now, who can’t benefit from that!

I love flowers. One of my favorite colors is purple. To eat a purple flower thrills me to no end!

Next time you are out walking, or just piddling around in your backyard, why not gather some wild violets for your dinner salad.

Nature does provide!

For the rest of the month of April I will challenge you to try something new, that is both local and seasonal. Spring is a fun time to experiment. Each week I will suggest a nutritious, spring vegetable/herb, or other spectacular, edible surprise. Come back for more!


April’s Abundance – Try Something Purple! — 10 Comments

  1. You mean I can eat those wild violets growing in my yard right now?! If you are sure they won’t hurt me, I may try them.

  2. Fantastic! I have eaten roses now want to try your suggestions. You just need to give us the recipe for candied violets!

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