Mindfully Meditating in March

whiteblossomsI have been mindfully exploring how to practice and master meditation. There are many forms, levels, and techniques of this ancient healing art.

It was once described to me that in its’ simplest form you just…… be with your breath. That clicked for me. It wasn’t the “listen to” your breath, but “be with” your breath. Almost a companionship of sorts.

Just you and your breath.

Recently, I was hiking by myself at one of my favorite places in the woods. It was a gorgeous, early spring day and many people had the same idea.

Just me and my breath.

I was doing the simplest of meditative forms, walking meditation. My repetitive steps and stride began to relax my mind and help me to shed my anxious thoughts.

Just you and your breath.

On my walk I passed by a clearly, very upset woman on her cell phone ranting “I returned the money to them”, as her energetic dog disobeyed the leash rule. Another young couple smiled ceremoniously at me as they continued what appeared to be a disagreement on their schedules. An elderly gentlemen walked by at quite a clip spewing financial figures to what was probably his financial analyst.

Just me and my breath.

They missed the unmistakable call of a barred owl high up in the pine tree and the rushing sound of the stream brimming from our recent snow melt. The invisible spring peepers were loud and feverish. They missed all that.

Just you and your breath.

The discipline of meditating is not just to bond with your breath, but to allow for the emptying of the mind. It is releasing the daily chaos so that we can restore ourselves. Maybe it is to peek inside our hearts or to view our world with fresh eyes. Perhaps it allows for the discovery of new, unique, and creative solutions and ideas. Meditation can help us thrive despite life’s distractions.

Just me and my breath.

No matter their loss. Isn’t that the whole point? Remove distractions and do not be bothered by others. Just return to ……

Just me and my breath.

There is no mastering of meditation, by the way. Meditation, as well as life, is a journey of self discovery and growth. Every moment provides opportunities. I can relieve myself of that pressure, to be a master of meditation. My initial misguided step despite good intentions.

whiteblossom2Just you and your breath.
I was happy to be outside that day, relishing in my breath, and the “Hoooo” of the owl.

I am doing Deepak Chopra’s 21 day meditation experience. I highly recommend it.

My biggest take away is that your breath, your mind, your emotions, and your heart are your allies.

As a complete contrast to my earlier March post of screaming out loud to unload wintery stubbornness, listen to the sound of your breath. It makes your spring heart beat.

Just you and your breath.

Leave comments on my blog and share your meditation experiences. I would love to hear them!


Mindfully Meditating in March — 8 Comments

  1. This is so helpful. I get weary with complicated breathing techniques, but the idea of just being with my breath works! And I like reading that my emotions are one of my allies. So many times I see them as a roadblock.

  2. I love this post, Judy. Just you and your breath. And what a wonderful experience you had in WI, Barbara. Nothing quiets my mind like being outdoors reconnecting with the natural rhythm of life. My most memorable meditative experience was after a particularly difficult stressful period in my life. I felt the pull of the mountains, and my husband and I decided we needed to get away for a weekend. On the way to our destination we took a spontaneous side trip to Mt. Mitchell. We were the only people on the top. Just breathing, and looking at the surrounding scenery helped me to relax, clear my mind, and let go. As we left we saw the most spectacular sunset on the drive down. Another meditative moment. Just breathe.

    • Minnilue, that is a beautiful story and thank you for sharing it. These special memories never seem to leave us do they? I also love the mountains and am sort of hear them calling me now!! 🙂

  3. When I pastored a Native American Church in WI. I learned from the people their respect for all of nature, their worship of the spirit that lives in all of nature, animals,flowers, lakes and trees; the beauty of communication with the spirits of these creations. And one of the most illuminating experiences I had was learning to hug a tree and talk to it and to feel it’s spirit; to feel the life that flows through it and the love that connects with you as you hold it. It speaks to you in the quiet of your reverence for it. It becomes a prayer to the creator of life that is in this tree.

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