Jan’s Healthy Dental Bytes Part 3

smileOil Pulling?!

In all honesty, when I was first introduced to this seemingly strange practice of oil pulling, I thought I was on another planet.

As I began to research it and hear testimonies, I succumbed, and tried it out. I am now hooked.

I oil pull with coconut oil most mornings.

Even my dental hygienist commented at my last visit that my gums “were very pretty”! Wow. I will take that compliment.

Truthfully, my gums feel great.

Take a few moments to read Jan’s comprehensive explanation on oil pulling. Ask Jan or I any question you want about this ancient and effective dental practice.

Happy swishing!

Oil Pulling: A Swishy Situation
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Jan’s Healthy Dental Bytes Part 3 — 5 Comments

  1. Dear Jamie,

    That’s a great question! With so much controversy over fluoride, it is hard to gather objective information. In general, I like Spry products. Spry offers a dental rinse with Xylitol, which has anticaries (anti-cavity) effects. It does, however, contain alcohol, which is undesirable for many.

    Xylitol mints & gum are also great for decay; studies show reduction in caries with approximately 5 sessions/day (Spry makes these, as do many other companies online, so…have fun experimenting!!!).

    As for rinses with fluoride, “The Natural Dentist” has an anti-cavity rinse with all natural ingredients (not to mention great reviews).

    I hope I answered your question. There is more on healthy dental products on my website theliveandbewellcoach.com, under the “articles” tab.

    Look out for a newsletter soon with tips for preventing decay. Many “natural” snacks (particularly dried fruit!) set the stage for decay, as do juices!

    Love, peace, health, happiness & hugs,
    <3 jani

    • Jan- this is super helpful! I don’t mind alcohol so I might try your first recommendation to start. Thanks so much!

  2. A question for Jan…my dentist recommended mouthwash with fluoride to help prevent cavities. I like the natural mouthwash brands though and most of them don’t include fluoride. Any natural mouthwases you know of or equivalent methods of cavity prevention?


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