Jane Goodall and Earth Day

Recently, a yoga instructor reminded me of a very simple fact.

Even for me, a biologist and health coach, it was a potent reminder.

Plants give us oxygen…..to breathe.

In turn we give plants carbon dioxide for their survival.

We need each other……symbiosis at the most basic level. Do we forget this in our day to day scurry?

I had the good fortune of attending a fundraising event in Wisconsin, with keynote speaker, Dr. Jane Goodall. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to be in the same room as Jane Goodall!She is a petite woman of 84 years and a powerful but gentle speaker. Needless to say, she lives a very intriguing life. She shared with us bits and pieces, in an understated way.

I find her more intriguing than ever.

Her message was very inspiring. Despite the obvious signs of a hurting planet, she has hope.

Jane Goodall having hope gives me hope.

She affirms that the planet is very resilient. With social media, people all over the world are more aware of the places and animals that need our care and protection. Through her efforts and through her 40 year old organization, The Jane Goodall Institute, she sees caring, concerned, and proactive individuals.

Her project, Roots and Shoots, is growing wordwide. This amazing effort targets our youth, so that they can learn from an early age, their relationship to the planet. Our future leaders!

Dr. Jane Goodall did not hesitate to confirm that there is much to do to keep our Planet Earth strong, healthy, and resilient.

Earth Day is every day.

If we each become good stewards of the earth, take care of our small corner of the world, and continue to keep our footprint small, we can leave this beautiful planet for generations to come.

Plant it on your heart……we need plants to BREATHE.  And plants in turn need us.

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Jane Goodall and Earth Day — 4 Comments

  1. Inspiring as usual. I am trying to have at least one plant in every room. It not only helps the air but it makes me smile each time I see a new shoot or a flower beginning to bloom.

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