Fighting Winter Bugs….My Arsenal.

Ahhhh….‘tis the season for colds and viruses and the flu. 

It is a real fight to ward off those nasty little bugs. We need an arsenal!

While avoiding them sometimes seems impossible, there are things we can do to boost our immunity during the winter season. I call it the winter shift.

I have posted on this topic before so if you would like to reread, click here and here and here .

This is my arsenal. It becomes a major focus and I am deliberate!

?I drink warm lemon water every morning. Bugs love acid environments and lemon water alkalizes. It has so many other benefits but this is a biggy.

?I have a glass of water out all day. I drink a lot! Sometimes I put slivers of fresh ginger in my water. Not only does this jazz it up some, but ginger is a great anti inflammatory and an immune boosting spice. Or, how about a few orange slices in your water?

?Fruits and veggies are first and foremost in my diet. They offer so much protection. Snacks are celery and carrots and cucumbers and nuts, to name only a few. Did you know radishes are cold busters? Check out this post for more info.

?Sugar intake reduces our immunity. Monitoring our sugar consumption is important. This might be the hardest one for some. Fruits with natural sugars is a better option than table sugar and other sweet processed foods. Still, all in moderation.

?Sleep. Can it be more basic than that? Let’s be bears who hibernate a bit! How can our bodies fight anything when we are tired? I sleep in and I sleep more. Shed the guilt if that is what is holding you back from deep sweet slumber.

?I increase warm foods like soups and stews and oatmeal and herbal teas. These are nourishing winter foods. I am often more hungry when it is cold out. That is ok. Our body needs more energy. I don’t ignore this urge and I feed it with healthy and nutritious foods.

?Ahhhhh….garlic. You all know I am a garlic fan. It is an antimicrobial, afterall. I add it to everything, almost everyday. Why not? Ask me for ideas…I am full of them!

?I increase my vitamin c intake. I have no stake in this company, The Beet Lady, but I love this vitamin c powder because it is made from whole foods. Click here to see the product.

☀️While it is tempting to hunker down inside and not get my outdoor time, I try to walk and get fresh air as much as I can. Somehow breathing in fresh cold air feels therapeutic. It bears repeating: the importance of sunshine for our dose of vitamin d. I sometimes feel like a reptile….searching for a corner with sunshine to bask in for a few minutes!

?This is a new one for me this year. When I apply lotion to my face I gently massage my sinuses. Not only does it feel good but this daily routine can really help prevent our nasal passages from getting all stopped up.

These suggestions may sound basic. But, it is amazing how we neglect our winter health and don’t pay attention to our body’s basic needs. We have to remind ourselves to shift to a winter wellness routine.

I wish you warm and cozy days to finish out the winter and I really hope you stay well!

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  1. Great suggestions! I do most of them. Giving up the sugar is the hardest of all. I also use essential oils more often as an added protection.

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