Tips Making You Tipsy?

Do you have an inbox full of self help tips, detox recipes, anxiety cures, new health trends, endurance challenges, advice on this and that (ha….here is another one!)?

Does it paralyze you? Do you do all of them? I don’t know how we can.

While this era of self help offers beneficial support for many, the overwhelm can be self defeating. The subtle and not so subtle messages ~ to do everything right and to do it now ~ creates stress and is counter productive.

I would like to simplify it for you.

Eat well.

Sleep well.

Move a lot.

Heal and fill your heart and soul.

Find work-life balance.

I would also like to add one other……sit quietly with yourself for at least a few minutes a day.

In addition to many other benefits, sitting in your own silence might bring you clarity. It might allow you to focus on what you need.

Use this as a daily check list if it helps.

Cheers to you and your wellness!

Have a great last week of September!

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Tips Making You Tipsy? — 8 Comments

  1. I would like to re-title this blog post–“Lessons from a Chipmunk!”
    I don’t know if it gets overwhelmed with “tips,” but it seems to have the “eat well” and “sit alone quietly” part mastered. Cute pic and wise suggestions!

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