It’s All For Free!

?Need a break? Try forest bathing or sitting quietly in the park. 

?Feeling moody? Discover the healing properties of lemon balm, ashwagandha, and other herbs.

?Feeling lonely? Invite a friend over for tea.

?Feeling bored? Go walk in a colorful garden and count butterflies. Check out special showings at an art museum. Sign up for a new class. 

?Feeling a need to up your nutrition? Go to a farmers market and fill your basket with healthy veggies.

?Feeling creeky and stiff? Take a walk or go for a swim. Stretch.

?Feeling exhausted and your body is screaming for a nap? Take one!

?Feeling constrained? Go outside and look up at the sky for 10 minutes. 

?Feeling overwhelmed with life? Sit and meditate. Escape for the weekend. Close the door and sit in silence.

?Feeling angry and frustrated? Take a time out and breathe. Repeat a positive affirmation. 

?Feeling hyper? Go for a brisk walk or do jumping jacks.

?Feeling resentful? Name 3 things you are grateful for 2x a day.

?Feeling unheard? Write it out. Call a friend who knows how to listen.

?Feeling love deprived? Hug a child, friend, dog or cat. 

?Feeling unnoticed? Look in to someone’s eyes and ask them how they are doing.

?Feeling good? Rejoice! Fuel your cells with this good moment.

Just sayin’……..

How did we lose track of all these good options? They are free, practical, convenient, and at our disposal.

Too often, we head for a caffeine boost, drugs, or let our emotions and daily stresses get the best of us. We don’t make the connection to our state of mind and our personal reality. 

It’s time…. to take the time to read our body’s signals and experiment with some healthier remedies. 

?This post is not meant to minimize more difficult emotions or situations. On the contrary, serious issues should not be ignored. Thankful too, for an abundance of professional help in the world. Please don’t overlook deeper needs. Seek help, if not from a good friend.

?Would you like to design a new and healthy lifestyle? Let me help! Contact me for health and wellness coaching. We can work together in person or over the phone. 

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