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Springtime is so energizing.

Yesterday was the very first day of spring. Most of us are transitioning to a greener world.

In one of the many blogs I read, the writer noted that as our days grow longer so too does the call towards more extroverted activities.

Is it that well winterized and safely kept internal energy ready to burst forth? Introverts beware!

Flower buds abound, ready to gently open their petals. The new soft green on the trees shines. The starkness of winter is transitioning, yet again.

Green appears above and below and in tiny crevices.

Abloom, inspiring, fresh, budding, hatching, sprouting, blossoming, green, rebirth, awakening, and so many other words aptly describe this coming season.

Spring is a perfect time for a refresh.

What needs freshening up in your life?

Will you add some green therapy to your busy schedule? 

The Japanese call it Shinrin-yoku or forest bathing. I love that term!

As you hit refresh this spring, take a look at this article summarizing the many benefits of nature and getting outdoors.

You might be surprised that in addition to getting a well needed dose of vitamin D, the author adds that getting outdoors can make you kinder. It can also enhance creativity, boost your mood and reduces stress. Science is proving it.

A kinder world…..who wouldn’t jump for joy for that! 

I hope you are ready for a little spring fever!

Hit your refresh button. Harness some solar energy and soak in the green around you.

Let forest bathing in to your schedule.

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