Giving of Thanks

the wall in fall2In our hurry and scurry mode this week I wanted to pause and give you five tips/strategies that I will be using myself to make this a most enjoyable holiday.

  1. Stay hydrated. Drink water. A half hour before your big meal have a glass of water. It helps with digestion and will fill you up a bit.
  2. Use the 3 bite rule. With the delicious array of foods and appetizers and casseroles before you, just have 3 bites of each. Save room for your favorites but say no to having a lot of everything.
  3. Move! We are planning our meal a little earlier in the day so that we can take a walk outside afterwards. This helps with digestion and the post meal coma.
  4. Eat guilt free. Guilt is counter productive. Enjoy the bounty and set limits that help you feel better.
  5. Focus instead on your blessings. Give thanks to all that is before you, big and small.

So I wish you a plain and simply Happy Thanksgiving!


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