Summer Love!


Love outdoor picnics and cookouts.

Love blueberry crumble.

Love summer thunder storms.


Love fresh juicy peaches.

Love wearing flip flops.

Love reading on my patio.


Love delicate Queen Anne’s Lace.

Love making sun tea.

Love counting fireflies.


Love bluebird nests.

Love summer vacations.

Love sleeping to the sound of the ocean.


Love picking zinnias from my garden.

Love fluttering butterflies.

Love spending time with family and friends.

Love walks at dusk.


Love outdoor showers after beach time.

Love my farmers market.

Love smelling luscious lavender.

I love summer!

What’s your summer love?

Happy Summer Solstice! 


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Summer Love! — 4 Comments

  1. This summer, my summer love has been in memories of my childhood. The swimming pool. Watermelon. Tea with way too much sugar, even in Baltimore. Reading on the porch. Sleeping late. Bible school with red punch and those cookies with the hole in the middle. Listening to my dad listen to the Oriole games on the radio. My mother’s pies. Fireflies and Capture the Flag.

    • How lovely, Barbara! So many summer memories are shared. And you reminded me of outdoor summer games. We used to play neighborhood hide and seek. It was so fun!

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