A Celebration and a Zen Giveaway!


I am celebrating an anniversary! 52 posts – one year of blogging! It flew by.

Feel free to revisit my very first post, Eat Real Food. I maintain it is still my most significant message!

More importantly, however, I am celebrating you! I would like to thank my readers for being so loyal.

You have read my posts, made insightful comments, and posed interesting questions.

I hope you have gotten good ideas for living a fuller, more inspired, and healthier life. That is my goal and will continue to be, as I move forward.

My readers span the globe. I wish I could have a party and invite you all. We would have all things healthy of course!

Since that idea is unfeasible, I would like to offer a fun giveaway for a lucky reader.

The gift is a mini Buddha Board.image

We live in a world that runs at maximum speed and our lives fly by like a shooting star in the night.

Being mindful helps us to slow down and appreciate the moment. This ingenious Buddha Board is a way to take a few moments to disengage, breath, and perhaps ignite a creative spark.

Who knows….you may quiet your mind enough to resolve a dilemna or two!

imageThe board is small and great for office space or kitchen counter. Children, teens, and adults, can all enjoy some zen. (Click on the photo to read more about it.)

Want to be the lucky winner? Leave me a comment (on my blog) by October 12 and I will randomly select a winner.

Cheers to you and a new year of blogging!
Wishing you some zen in your life!


Zen. A state of being. Living in the moment. The art of letting go.



A Celebration and a Zen Giveaway! — 22 Comments

  1. Judy, I have enjoyed your blog so much! Living in the moment is something I am trying to focus on–thinking the need must be so much more apparent as you age. I am unfamiliar with the Buddha Board but love the idea. I recently heard on a radio talk show a reference to Buddha and “desire as being the root of unhappiness”. Well, I admit I desire the Buddha Board and think it would add some fun to each day. Guess desiring a Buddha Board is healthier than desiring a Big Buddha handbag. What do you think? Congratulations on your commitment to inspire others to be mindful and healthy. Looking forward to more of your insights. Penny

    • Ha! Penny, you make me laugh! Hopefully the Buddha board will inspire, as you say, to detach from the busyness of life, if only for a moment. Thanks for following my blog!

  2. Congratulations Judy. I am pretty sure I have read all 52 of your posts! You have a knack for bringing in the alternative aspects of health. Look forward to more

  3. Congrats on one year! I hope your next year is as good as this one 🙂 I’ve never heard of a buddha board, but it sounds really cool. I could definitely use one in my office, haha.

  4. Congrats on the longevity. I have never seen a Buddha board that is cool. Your mug design is lovely too. Hope to see you at our farmers market soon.

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