Autumn ‘n Oats

imageThe cones hang like ornaments on the hemlocks.

I notice a slight blush of color on the trees, and the mornings are nippy.

With this change, my body tells me to shift my food selection. I begin to crave warmer and hardier foods.

One of my fall season favorites is oatmeal.

There are so many delicious oatmeal ideas out there. Chefs and everyday cooks have come up with amazing recipes.image

Below, however, is my new favorite oatmeal dish. It is very simple and very filling.

I have found it also satisfies my deep coconut desires!

Coconut Oatmeal
To your bowl of oatmeal, add desired amount of honey or maple syrup, and blend. Top it with grated, fresh (unsweetened) coconut, nuts, and a huge dollop (or two) of coconut milk. All quantities can be adjusted.
I love mixed nuts or almond slivers. Add bananas or seasonal fruit if desired.

imageOatmeal isn’t just for breakfast. Sometimes it is my lunch!

What do you look forward to eating in the fall?


Happy fall equinox!

** Oats are are a whole grain that are full of fiber, lower your cholesterol, have special antioxidant compounds, and are excellent for heart health.

** Coconut is considered a superfood because of its unique combination of fatty acids. It can help raise your HDL (the good cholesterol), give you energy, help manage your hunger, and boost brain power.

** Nuts give you fiber, long lasting protein, the good unsaturated fats, magnesium, folate, vitamin E, and they help stabilize your blood sugar.image


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