Avocado Art

Avocados at market in Dodoma, Tanzania

Avocados at market in Dodoma, Tanzania

When I traveled to Tanzania earlier this year I heavily indulged in avocados.

I had wedges of avocados with wedges of mango for breakfast.

I had avocado dip with vegetables.

I had avocado mousse for dessert. It was flavored with rose water!

Tanzanians eat them everyday and in every way.

Avocados contain the GOOD fats that we NEED in our diet, contrary to old, popular science.

Fat fuels our nervous systems and nourishes our brains. We need fat to absorb fat-soluble vitamins, like vitamin D, vitamin E, A, and K. Most importantly, fat fills you up. It gives you energy and actually reduces the blood sugar spikes and crashes in the body. It lowers the likelihood of feeling hungry again shortly after eating.

martin avocadoI put avocados in my daily smoothies and often on my salad plate. Guacamole isn’t just for chips!

This summer I channeled the food stylist in me and created this avocado dish for a family brunch.

Don’t throw away the recipe books, but do experiment with food …..as ART!

heartdotAvocado storage trick (to keep it fresh and from turning brown):
Cut up a red onion and place it in a sealed container with the skin side of the avocado touching the onion. The gases released from the red onion prevent oxidation.This works well because only the skin touches the onion so it does not leave any onion flavor.