Magic….and Clutter?

Do your eyes constantly skirt the piles of papers, bills, and junk on your kitchen counter?

Do you feel your body tighten every time you walk into your bedroom and cannot see your beautiful, wooden furniture through the heaps of clothes?

Do you open a closet door frantically looking for an old picture and the stacks of purses, books, and boxes of mementos come tumbling down only to leave you pulling your hair out and then, no picture?

Is our house clutter a reflection of our mind’s clutter?

Well, according to Marie Kondo and her best selling book, The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up, The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, there is magic in your life after tackling the clutter in your house.

These unshapely piles in our homes, and the unfinished business often found in those piles, are huge stress triggers. Subconsciously, this stress can cause chronic restlessness, and over time lead to other health issues.

My friends often comment on how neat my house is. But truth be told, I do have clutter issues. Namely, stacks of “notes to self”, articles to read, recipes to try, and those coupons I just can’t throw away. Often, they sit buried deep, unused, and then they expire…….

My most difficult and emotionally charged clutter issue? My many piles of books. They are problematic. Just ask my husband! I want to read it all.image

Kondo’s basic message is: If you don’t love it, then don’t keep it. She gives detailed guidance, and it gets deep!

Marie Kondo says that tidying is a dialogue with one’s self.

I never dreamed a book on organizing your home could be such a compelling read, and in turn, good for your soul.

Decluttering frees you to live more creatively. It eliminates the nagging stress that surrounds you.

Kondo claims that when we reduce what we own and detox our house, it can have a detox effect on our physical self as well. It is transformational and confidence building. Wow.

Would it not be healthier to live in a physical space that sparks joy and peace? Let this be your motive!

Imagine. She evens claims that tidying brings good fortune. I believe her. After all, feng shui is an ancient concept.

This book is indeed a captivating read, and full of delight. She has become a lifestyle phenomenon (which tells me the lives of millions are cluttered)!

Do you have tips to share for tackling the clutter in your life?

Please check out my friend Barbara Younger’s series of posts on her blog, Friend For The Ride, on downsizing and decluttering. I know you will enjoy her wit, and you will probably find some inspiration too!

To your health! And now….. on to discovering the magic of decluttering!

Let your house make your heart sing!


P.S. Stay tuned…starting next week I will have a guest blogger tell us all about sugar!




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  1. As you know, I am NUTS over this book. The author helped me majorly with my downsizing but I also loved reading about her own methods for organizing her clothes and her papers. She’s too extreme for me but her motto “Keep what sparks joy” is some of the best advice I have received.

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