As I Grow…..

I haven’t posted in awhile……it has been a busy family time.

Fall has arrived. Not only is it beautiful and rich in color, but I find it a good season to reflect and shed old thinking.

As I grow along in my middle years…..

As I age……

I realize that life slowly adds new truths to our lives. Some pass and don’t stick. Some keep knocking at our door. Others stare us in the face and we have no choice but to make them a new reality.

These are a few of my new truths. Most now come with more ease.

?I try to use words that heal and not harm. No explanation needed, really. The power of words has become more and more astonishing to me. They can make or break a person’s day. Our personal suffering motivates our actions, responses to the world, and the words we choose. Understanding and a little empathy can improve someone’s day in a healing way.

As Don Miguel Ruiz says… impeccable with your word. In the space between hearing and responding is the chance to breathe and react with truth and kindness. Words last. They are put out in to the universe with consequences we may never know. They can sting. They can bite. They can also turns someone’s life around or simply give joy.

? I try to eat healthy everyday. The pay off is huge. Treats are ok too but we are responsible for every bite we ingest. How lucky we are to have so many good food choices. We need only look and select with our future health in mind. I feel better when I eat better. That is my motivation. I am a health coach after all! ?

? My gratitude practice is imbedded in my daily routine. I now realize the positive impact it has had over time. The gratitude experts are right! As with most things, practice makes perfect. New habits, new you. I name 3 things I am grateful for each and every night; I spontaneously give thanks when meaningful things happen during the day; I spontaneously express gratitude for people in my life; I spontaneously give thanks that the sky is blue; and I share a blessing for my food and family and friends.

I have noticed that many people don’t say thank you. These are two very simple words that are loaded with positivity. I try to say them a lot. When spoken, they transmit good energy and that can spread.

?We are all in this game of life together. No room for judgment. We need each other. The golden rule was taught in Kindergarten! Sit at a table and engage. Learn about your friends and new acquaintances. What is your energy like when you walk in to the office? We share space on this planet. Sometimes it can get crowded.

? There is no solution to grieving. You just need to live through it. Don’t deny it. Feel it and remember. Then, without realizing, you have found a bit of peace. What did it teach you? I learned, after a recent death in my family, how important it is to say nice things now. Don’t wait till death or funerals or it is too late. Say words of appreciation while that special person can hear it and absorb it. Use holidays or birthdays to express yourself in a letter. How meaningful to receive a spontaneous note of gratitude in the mail.

? We surely can’t try to change someone. But…..we can ALL stretch ourselves and grow. Life is not stagnant. Besides, observing and listening, thinking outside the box, and trying new creative ways is good for brain health! Growing in emotional and spiritual ways opens new doors.

? Jealousy can quickly turn in to anger. But why? It can be so destructive. Jealousy needs to be understood for what it is and used as information. No projecting or misdirecting. Jealousy is a normal human emotion. How we use it is what matters.

? And here….my conviction affirmed in this wonderfully written article on tinybuddha about happiness. Please read! Click here.

Maturing never ends. Growing is good.

How about you? What new imprint is life leaving on you?

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  1. Judy, what an awesome commentary on learning and growing as we age! I’m in the airport waiting for a flight and was scrolling through emails when I read this for the first time. Thanks for your wise words! They have motivated me to make a conscious effort to always use positive and affirming words with others.

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