My Aging Body….

Wrinkles, sags, folds, rolls, and new moles…..

These, for me, are signs of a life lived in earnest.

The wrinkle on your brow might be the worry and disapproval of your child’s decision. The sag on your underarm is from all the dancing and swimming and baby holding in your youth. You were vibrant! Your squint marks are signs of unbounded laughter. The new mole needs to be checked but it is perhaps from all the fun family time at the beach.

Your body tells your story. These signs of aging are markers of a life fully lived. Colorful and rich and deep.

I have a monthly women’s wellness circle and we talk about health and wellness and lifestyle. While in different stages of life, we all think about aging. Our discussions are life enhancing.

What is our cultural narrative on this topic? What are our choices? How do we see ourselves aging?

It is good food for thought.

The best part of aging for me is that I have settled in to myself. I know myself…….well, pretty well. I look at my body and find comfort that I am alive and well. With continued bumps and concerns no doubt, I have a sense of assuredness and confidence that my youth searched for.

This poem inspires me. It’s beauty is an image I want to hold. It came to me at a vulnerable moment, like inspiring words often do. Serendipity no less.

Small gifts. Flowers for the soul.

A thank you to the author who I know nothing of or about!

Enjoy. ❤️

“I want to age like sea glass. 
Smoothed by tides 
but not broken. 
I want my hard edges to soften. 
I want to ride the waves 
and go with the flow. 
I want to catch a wave 
and let it carry me 
to where I belong. 
I want to be picked up 
and held gently by 
those who delight in my 
well earned patina and 
appreciate the changes I went 
through to achieve the beauty. 
I want to enjoy the journey 
and always remember that if 
you give the ocean something 
breakable it will turn it into 
something beautiful. 
I want to age like sea glass.” 


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