Barbie says….

Barbie says…..Happy Halloween!

I have a challenging relationship with Barbie. But she was an important friend to us for many years.

Barbie loved our house. My daughter and her friends created
barbie-land whenever and wherever they found free floor space.

While my daughter and I traveled to Montreal this past summer we went to the largest Barbie exhibit in the world.

We had so much fun. And honestly, Barbie has come a long way.

I say yes to the #MeToo movement, equal opportunity, constructive dialogue, and healthy boundary setting.

The best part? Jamie and I had a great mother-daughter time reminiscing, chuckling, and being amazed at how forward thinking and worldly Barbie is!

The exhibit had a life size Barbie box for photo-ops.

My daughter would be the best #MeToo Barbie!! (She approved this message)?

Happy Halloween to all from Barbieland!


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