Jump Health First Into January – Easy New Habits #4- Cozy Up To Your Feet!

lavender copyEasy New Habits # 4 Cozy Up to Your Feet!

My first post in this January series focused on morning routines with cat stretching.

My last post is an easy habit to round off the day in a most indulgent way.

Give your whole body some love by cozying up to your feet and giving yourself a foot massage. Your dry and wintery skin will love you for it.

There are many pressure points on the soles of your feet. By rubbing them you can affect other parts of your body.

See this link for a foot reflexology chart and find areas you want to focus on:  http://www.acupressurewellness.com/foot-reflexology.html

footpampering copyA foot massage only takes a few minutes and it can really set the tone for dipping in to a relaxing evening and a night of restful sleep.

Find a comfortable chair to sit in and a good lotion or a scented oil (I personally love lavender).

Give each foot a few moments of a deep and thorough massage. Rub each toe, the balls of your feet, and all around the insole.

Finish with putting on some cotton socks to keep the oils soaking in to your skin. For warmth, wear your slippers.

Sleep tight! Sweet dreams!


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