Summer Reflections

I am sure your summer flew by too.

I geared down this summer and here are a few of my reflections:

~peaceful moments are peaceful because they are moments in time scattered between the many challenging and busy hours. I am so grateful for my many peaceful moments. Sometimes they must be intentionally planned. They certainly nourish us.

~just don’t bring your phone with you. As a culture we are seriously cultivating an addiction to our phones. I am not excluding myself. Sociologists and scientists are proving it. It is a tempting little box that is attached to our bodies…. and minds. Leave it behind, store it away. I do this for dinner outings and other social activities. Wow. How nice to connect with loved ones and friends instead. That soothes the soul much more than the small box. The solution can be simple if only we would allow it. Leave it behind.

~scale it back. Summer is a good excuse. When is the last time you sat on your porch and spaced out? Try it. You can actually feel and hear your mind slow down. Breathe. Oh….and there is no season for this!

~some things in life are so reliable. The hummingbirds always arrive in spring, the butterflies always find our butterfly bushes, waves always crash on the shoreline, the moon cycles monthly, my eyes always open when I wake up, my tummy tells me when I am hungry. While spontaneity frees the spirit, reliability is comforting.

~since I freed up some time for myself this summer, I was able to enjoy one of my favorite pastimes…..looking at new and old cookbooks and trying new recipes. Stay tuned for a delicious new recipe in my next post. You know it will be healthy!

~complacency is so easy to fall in to. Everywhere. Personally and collectively. One option off that path is gratitude. Every night I list my many blessings. It changes you.

~have a beginners mind. Look and see and do with fresh eyes. It can remove ego from the equation. I had a challenging family issue to reflect on and a beginners mind gave me new perspectives. Experience isn’t always what it is cracked up to be!

~oh no. I never got my summer time swim in the salty ocean water. I think that is a first. Instead, however, I had many other fun adventures. And…..there is still time for that swim in the sea!

I am back to my blogging! Share your summer time adventures and then let’s embrace the new season together.

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