Be Green in 2015!


Happy New Year!

My 2015 wish for you is to think green, love green, be green, go green, and most importantly, to eat green!

Kale, spinach, walks in the forest, saving the trees, all things sustainable and biodegradable.

The color green is good feng shui. It can create harmony and balance. You can’t go wrong!

Here is an excerpt from my piece, “Serene Green”, in a lovely tabletop book entitled Tangerine Tango, Women Writers Share Slices Of Life:

~Whatever your source may be, whether it is sitting under a wispy willow or on blades of bluegrass, in your flower garden or the deep woods, watching a caterpillar or listening to the sounds of crickets and frogs, even eating spinach or sipping green tea, take in some green! Take a bath in the forest! ~

As a health and wellness coach, I can only wish you all things green!

P.S. Stay tuned ………for my Jump Health First in to January, a series of weekly posts on easy new habits to incorporate in your new year.



Be Green in 2015! — 8 Comments

  1. I love your “Serene Green” piece in the Tangerine Tango book. January in NC is the month the evergreens in the woods really stand out. What a wonderful suggestion–I will take time to breathe in the green from the next cedar tree I walk by!

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