Feeling a Tad Frazzled Today?

Baby birds are hatching in our yard. They are so cute!

But doesn’t my friend look a bit frazzled? Or is it a bad hair day? I think he is just waiting…..

How about you? Feeling overwhelmed or in a tizzy?

Here are ten simple suggestions. Pick one or pick them all. Maybe your day will go a tad better…..

?stop and take deep breaths. Belly breaths. Often.

?go outdoors, gently stretch your neck and look up. The sky is awesome. Breath in some fresh air.

?set up a new digital reduction schedule. It pays off. Start now and focus on the world around you instead.

?leave work behind when you walk out the office door. Don’t carry it with you. It will be waiting for you tomorrow.

?evaluate how much fun you are having in life. It is part of the great balance. Summer can be the best season for fun. Make plans.

?nourish yourself with all the fresh and seasonal fruits and veggies. It feeds your body and mind. Go for refreshing.

?laugh a lot with friends. Schedule it if you need to.

?sit in silence. At the very least, stare off in to space.

?ask yourself why. Redirect your energy to a calmer outcome.

?sip a cup of herbal tea …..slowly.

Stress and anxiety are often a result of worrying about the future or dwelling on the past. Being in the present moment can offer relief.

My feathered friend is just hungry, I think. Frazzled for breakfast and waiting very patiently for mom to return……

Best wishes to you for a great day! ?

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Feeling a Tad Frazzled Today? — 8 Comments

  1. Love your advice as usual. Of course I decided to do ALL your suggestions – overachiever that I am! As I read your post, I was sitting on my back porch unsubscribing from as many emails as possible – NOT yours though. I am writing down all the sites I am unsubscribing from. Sometimes I think they just keep sending me info.

    • Ha! You are so funny…..possible stress from trying so hard! Great idea to unsubscribe. They say sometimes it takes up to 10 days for it to go through. Not sure why but good to know. Thanks for being such a loyal reader, Cathy! I love all your input. ?

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