Blossoms to Fruits

I spent Mother’s Day weekend in River Falls, Wisconsin.

The pastures and farmlands are beautiful. We visited a friend’s organic apple and cherry orchard, Maple Leaf Orchard. I have written about them before. Click here to read the post.

The apple and cherry trees were in full bloom. Rows and rows of them.

Oh my. It was breathtaking.

The farmers were hurriedly tending to the trees. Days of heavy rain were predicted. Whatever process they were doing (I wish I could elaborate……) would reduce future disease risk. The rain was coming sooner than they thought. Daylight hours were critical.

Last year their crop was wiped out due to a very late frost. Devastating. This year they are celebrating.

Farmers are so hard working, resilient, flexible, and tough.

Meanwhile, my mother and sister and I meandered through the apple and cherry trees like there was no tomorrow. Tree after tree, blossom after blossom. Each one prettier than the next.

It was a sunny day with puffy white clouds. The rain was due later. How lucky we were. The breeze was light.

Petals gently floated down from above.

The bees were buzzing. They certainly had their work cut out.

The dandelions were so profuse that they carpeted the ground beneath us.

It sort of felt like a tiny corner of heaven.

I started craving apples. They will assuredly come in the fall. I need to be patient.

My wonder and gratitude has multiplied.

The next time you bite in to a juicy red apple, remember the hard work that goes in to tending to the apple tree.

Each blossom is important. It will be the next apple you eat.

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Blossoms to Fruits — 8 Comments

  1. The pics are great! And the SMELL of all those blossoms!! Light and soft and fresh! As you said- heavenly! Nice experience to have shared with you

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