Lovely lemons!

lemons2I love the color, smell, and taste of all things lemon.

Do you know that one of the greatest, easiest, new habits you can start today is to drink a glass of warm lemon water every morning?

Lemons oxygenate and hydrate and are a natural energizer. Here are a few more of the many benefits of lemons:

Excellent source of vitamin C, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous

  • Boost your immune system
  •  Help replenish body salts after a strenuous workout
  •  Good for your skin
  • Support colon health and aid in digestion
  •  A powerful anti bacterial
  •  Balance the ph level in your body (Viruses love an acidic environment. Lemons help to alkalize.)
  •  Help to flush out toxins in your body
  •  Can alleviate heart burn
  •  Reduce pain and inflammation
  •  Help maintain eye health

lemons1Lemons are a powerhouse!

It is a perfect time of year to incorporate this gentle morning detox before the onslaught of winter bugs and overindulgent holiday eating.

Add this new “good morning” drink to your life for longterm wellness!

**note of caution…..undiluted lemon juice can affect the enamel of your teeth so always dilute with water. I suggest taking a big swig of plain water afterwards.

Sending lemony love!


Lovely lemons! — 6 Comments

  1. I love this lemony love, and love that you included the dental effects of undiluted lemon juice! As a holistic dental hygienist/HC, I would also advise, in addition to swishing with water, that people wait 20 mins before brushing after consuming citrus foods.

    Your site is fun, informative and practical. I am so proud of you and happy to call you my friend and colleague!

  2. Meyer Lemons are my favorite–a little sweeter! I was drinking it in warm water in the morning, but just can’t do everything I need to do for health–especially in an already busy morning. So I put them in my smoothies or juice them as part of my morning green drink.

    • Great idea, Gail! I also put them in my smoothies and love Meyer lemons. Although Weaver st. hasn’t had them in awhile. I even think that if we can do warm lemon water some days of the week it is better than nothing!

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