Fun and Simple Fall Assignment

skylineI have a very simple, fall assignment for you. It is the perfect time of year to practice # 15 on my “JudyScrips” list.

Go outside and look up. That is all.


ipadThe words and figures on our various screens are tiny to miniscule. iPods and iPads and iPhones, all day long.

So look up. The sky is expansive. Let you eyes and mind make the shift.

There are birds and leaves and trees. There are clouds of all shapes. There is the sun and moon and stars. Imagine, a whole world above us. Even a rainbow, if you are lucky.

If you live in a city, there is no excuse. Look up at the steeples, roof gardens, and interesting architecture. And yes, between the buildings is the sun and sky and stars and moon. Ok, I admit, you do need to be careful of the pigeons!

I often ponder, are we going to become “myopic” creatures?  By constantly restricting our vision to these small screens, will it impact our perceptions on a greater level?

The future will tell us the answer.

skyI think technology is amazing. It saves lives, takes us to new corners of the earth, teaches more of us and more to us. It amuses us, to say the least.

Balance is always the name of the game and for no other reason than to get a good neck stretch, look up. Your yoga teacher would approve.

Remember as a child looking up at the sky and finding shapes and animals and messages in the cloud formations? At the very least you can embrace your inner child with this assignment.

It may seem like silly homework but it is an easy “A”!


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